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Historical Building


Senso-ji is Tokyo's oldest temple, which attracts many visitors and tourists. On the popular “Nakami...

Address : Taito-ku


Tsukiji Hongwanji is a temple directly controlled by Jodo Shinshu Hongwanjiha Hongwanji located in K...

Address : Chuo-ku


Sakuradamon was repaired in 1636. The Masugata (a cubic space before the main gate) of Sakuradamon i...

Address : Chiyoda-ku

Kokyogaien National Gardens

A big garden situated in the center of Tokyo, which gives off the image of Edo castle. The large law...

Address : Chiyoda-ku

Kyu-Iwasaki-tei Gardens

The former mansion built as the home for the Iwasaki family, the founder of the Mitsubishi group. Th...

Address : Taito-ku

Meiji Jingu

[Notice on renovation work]Haiden Hall is under construction from April 2017 to autumn 2019 (schedul...

Address : Shibuya-ku

Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum

There are 30 relocated and reconstructed historical buildings from the Edo period to the early Showa...

Address : Koganei-shi

Ministry of Justice

The Old Ministry of Justice building (the present red brick building) was completed as the Departmen...

Address : Chiyoda-ku

Harajyuku Station

Harajyuku Station is one of the few wooden station buildings in the Tokyo Area. The station is close...

Address : Shibuya-ku

Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station was reborn in harmony with the completion of the “restoration work of Marunouchi stati...

Address : Chiyoda-ku

Nikolai-do (Holy Resurrection Cathedral)

The Nikolai-do is a cathedral of the Orthodox Church. The cathedral was built in the Byzantine reviv...

Address : Chiyoda-ku

Yushima Tenmangu

This shrine was established in 458 in order to worship Ameno-tajikaraonomikoto, and in 1355, the spi...

Address : Bunkyo-ku

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