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Mass media-related

The Yomiuri Shimbun

After going through a video presentation, an explanation of newspaper production, and a visit to the...

Address : Chuo-ku

The Asahi Shimbun Company (Newspaper)

The Asahi Shimbun offers a tour of the news/production section. Visitors can observe each process of...

Address : Chuo-ku

Fuji Television

You can command a panorama of the waterfront area from the 25th floor sphere observatory called“hach...

Address : Minato-ku

TV Asahi Corporation

Two courses are available for visitors: a course of the production scene of a live broadcasting of t...

Address : Minato-ku

Nippon Television Tower

The Nippon Television Tower houses the main office of Nippon Television. There are many tourist attr...

Address : Minato-ku

Advertising Museum Tokyo

This is the first museum in Japan on the theme of advertising and marketing studies. There are two e...

Address : Minato-ku

Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.

TBS Broadcast Center is referred to as 'Big Hat' because of the huge 36-meter parabola antenna deck ...

Address : Minato-ku

NHK Studio Park

The NHK Studio Park is a hands-on broadcasting theme park. It will become much more fun to watch you...

Address : Shibuya-ku

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