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House of Councillors, The National Diet of Japan

In a tour course, visitors are escorted to the Visitors Lobby, the Chamber Public Gallery, theRestin...

Address : Chiyoda-ku

Japan Mint

A small museum within the premises of the Japan Mint Tokyo Branch. It exhibits about 1,000 items suc...

Address : Toshima-ku

Tokyo Metropolitan Government

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office is a public office which performs office work as an executi...

Address : Shinjuku-ku

TSE Arrows

TSE Arrows offers a tour so that visitors can deeply understand the system of economy and securities...

Address : Chuo-ku

Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department

Three areas are available for visitors touring; in the “Fureai Hiroba Police Classroom”, you can lea...

Address : Chiyoda-ku

The Ministry of Justice Museum Message Gallery

The gallery inside the red brick building of the Ministry of Justice consists of several rooms, such...

Address : Chiyoda-ku


Exhibits related to the history and activities of the Metropolitan Police Department, as well as com...

Address : Chuo-ku

Bank of Japan

*The main building is closed to tours due to seismic retrofitting work. / In the Old Building (regis...

Address : Chuo-ku

Parliamentary Museum

The museum belongs to the Diet and was built to introduce the history of constitutionalism.The histo...

Address : Chiyoda-ku

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