Diamond Fuji


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Stunning sunset from Mt. Takao

“Diamond Fuji” is the name given to the view of the setting sun meeting the summit of Mt. Fuji. This beautiful spectacle of nature is visible from Mt. Takao—but for only a fleeting moment at a certain hour on a certain evening in this time of the year.
On a limited number of days around the winter solstice each December, Mt. Takao becomes a stage for the sparkling show performed by the sun and the symbolic mountain of Japan. The divine vision of the bright red sun being absorbed into Mt. Fuji lasts for a mere few minutes. Each second is so precious and unique, it’s seems a waste to even blink. The best seats are at the observatory at the peak of Mt. Takao and at Momiji-dai (Maple Hill) about a five-minute walk from there. Be sure to dress warmly, as winter in the heights can be bitterly chilly.

Mt. Takao


40-min. walk from Takao Tozan Cable Takaosan Station

Contact information

Tokyo Metropolitan Takao Natural Park Administration Center / Tel 042-664-7872


http://www.takaotozan.co.jp/takaotozan_eng1/index2.htm( External link )

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A treat not to miss at Mt. Takao!
Tengu-yaki dessert

The Tengu-yaki long-nosed goblin dessert offered by the store in front of cable car Takaosan Station bakes the dough until it’s crispy on the outside but still spongy on the inside, and comes filled with a not-too-sweet azuki bean filling. The delicacy promises to satisfy everyone—not just those with a sweet tooth. Check it out as soon as you arrive, as the popular treat often sells out by 15:00.

Tengu-yaki dessert
Hours: 9:30–15:30 (open daily, with temporary closing days)
Charges: 130 yen each (including tax)
Address: Kasumi-baiten Store (only at Takao Tozan Cable Takaosan Station [summit])
Contact information:Tel 042-665-1808