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Safe, reliable, and effortless bus tours

Choosing which spots to visit and preparing a schedule are the most energy- and time-consuming aspects of planning a trip. Bus tours take all that weight off your shoulders. Here we introduce three services convenient for sightseeing in Tokyo.
SKYBUS TOKYO operates stylish red open-top double-decker vehicles reminiscent of the iconic buses of London. Its tours are perfect for short trips around Tokyo, as almost all conclude in an hour or so.
HATO BUS is a long-established organizer of bus tours that offers a variety of courses from brief 1–3.5-hour trips around Tokyo to full-day tours. Its “O Sola mio” open-top double-decker buses offer an outstanding view of TOKYO SKYTREE and the city’s skyscrapers.
O-Edo Bus specializes in day trips in and around Tokyo. Interpreter-guides who have passed a strict national examination conduct the tours, now and then alluding to current events, injecting a touch of humor, and when there is time to spare even preparing a surprise visit to spots not on the initial schedule.
The beauty of sightseeing bus tours is that they circle a maximum number of sites and involve a minimal amount of walking. This is ideal for frail tourists as well as anyone who wants to visit all the major sites on their agenda but also need a bit of information to truly appreciate each site. Some courses even include, in addition to the standard tourist spots, popular hotel buffets and stage performances. There are many ways to enjoy bus tours. Find the perfect one for you and try it out.

Photo provided by: SKYBUS TOKYO

Photo provided by: HATO BUS



General reservations: 9:30–18:00


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Sightseeing information for Japanese and foreign travelers
NPO Tokyo City Guide Club

This nonprofit organization nurtures Tokyo City Guide License holders who volunteer to guide tourists around the global city, Tokyo that they love. It offers services in four languages: Japanese, Chinese, English, and Korean. As a rule, requests for guided tours must be made 10 days in advance. For information on courses and more, visit the following website.

Inquiries: 03-6912-1518 NPO Tokyo City Guide Club