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Eight flavors that have been victorious in the 'ramen battle site' of Tokyo

Ramen can be described as a representative of modern Japanese cuisine, and Tokyo is a “ramen battle site” where ramen restaurants from all over the country have opened shops. Tokyo Ramen Street, a street exclusively for ramen at the Yaesu Underground Exit of Tokyo Station, features a range of Tokyo’s most famous ramen restaurants. Four shops were originally opened in June 2009: Rokurinsha Tokyo, Hirugao, Ramen Mutsumiya, and Keisuke Kitanosho. The grand opening of a second series of four shops took place in April 2011: Tokyo Station Ikaruga, Honda, Junk Garage, and Shichisai/Tokyo Edoama. Visitors to Tokyo Ramen Street can enjoy famous Japanese flavors all in one place.


B1F Yaesu South Exit, Tokyo Station (First Avenue Tokyo Station B1F South Street)


11:00-22:30 (kitchen closes at 22:00) *Hours vary by shop


Directly to the right of the Yaesu Underground Central Exit ticket gate of Tokyo Station on the conventional railways

For more information

Please directly contact each shop from the following website.


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Enjoy dessert after eating

Gransta was created in the area that connects Yaesu and Marunouchi inside Tokyo Station. There you can find a range of dishes, boxed lunches, and desserts created by the chefs and pastry chefs of each shop; it’s difficult to choose from over 50 unique shops. Enjoy dessert after dining inside the station, where you can casually sample the flavors of different famous shops.

Inside JR Tokyo Station 1F, B1F
* Please purchase a ticket to enter JR Tokyo Station (conventional railways) to go to Gransta.
* Hours and closings vary by store.