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Ameyoko Shopping Street filled with people during year’s end.

Ueno is an area oozing with cultural atmosphere with its art galleries, museums, and fine arts universities. Meanwhile, Ueno Park is a sprawling garden which stretches from Ueno Station to Shinobazu Pond. If you go out of Ueno Park, also known for its zoo that is home to some pandas and cherry-blossom trees, and head in the direction of Okachimachi, you’ll eventually reach a bustling shopping district where you can find the Ameyoko Shopping Street, jewelry wholesale district, and much more. This is also the place where you can experience traditional Japanese performing arts, such as theatrical entertainment and comical story-telling (rakugo). Other attractions in Ueno include the variety of restaurants serving Japanese food such as tonkatsu (pork cutlets) or unagi (eel), and well-established restaurants serving western-style cuisine, which offer a taste of “petit luxury” that is an ongoing attraction for those who visit the place.

Ueno Park, a famous cherry blossom-viewing spot since the Edo Period.

A district with many art galleries and museums.

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