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Shibuya is the center of the youth culture with many in vogue restaurants, bars, nightclubs and live music clubs. Department stores and trendy shops abound, showing the vibrant enthusiasm of youth. Do not hesitate to visit Shibuya if you want to get any of the "kawaii" (very cute) items in Japan that are introduced in the latest magazines. You can have a coffee at a trendy cafe and enjoy inexpensive but tasty food as well. The area has many landmarks, such as the statue of the loyal dog Hachi-ko and the scramble (X-crossing) intersection used by hordes of people in front of the station.

Model Walking Route
Model Walking Route

(1)Scramble Crossing / 109→(2)Center-gai→(3)Tokyu Hands→(4)Yoyogi Park

Shibuya Map

Shibuya Map


The statue of the loyal dog Hachi-ko / the scramble crossing (recommended as photo opportunites)

The statue of the loyal dog Hachi-ko / the scramble crossing

The statue of the loyal dog Hachi-ko by the crossing is a popular meeting spot. The statue of Hachi-ko, a story known to young and old in Japan, is in honor of the dog that waited every day for his owner in front of Shibuya Station for many years even after his death. A film was made of the story and, recently, Hollywood made a remake titled "Hachiko: A Dog's Story." If you leave the station by the Hachi-ko Exit, you will see "the most famous crossing in the world" often seen in films (e.g. "Lost in Translation") and TV programs. After crossing, you will be on Koen Street with many, many clothing shops.

Yoyogi Park

Yoyogi Park

This is a vast park of greenery next to Meiji Jingu Shrine. It is a nice place to sit or take a stroll when you get tired of shopping and want to relax. There are many people in the park cycling, dancing, skateboarding and having a good time. Take in the air and the shining sun of Mother Nature!

Spain-zaka Slope

Spain-zaka Slope

This street is on a gentle hill going up to the well-known PARCO shopping complex from Inokashira Street. There is a bakery and organic cafe, BioCafe, along the way. The baked confectionaries and other dishes are made with natural materials and the coffee and wine are popular among foreign customers as well as Japanese. Shibuya SpainZaka Studio of TOKYO FM is on the 1st floor of Shibuya PARCO Part 1. If you are lucky, you might catch sight of news or other radio entertainers in the recording studio.


Tokyu Hands

Tokyu Hands

Go to Tokyu Hands if you are looking for unique sundries, hobby goods and Japanese souvenirs. The huge assortment of goods is overwhelming. You will not fail to find what you want, and even things you didn't know existed, from interior to cosmetic goods. You can also find tools and materials here for professionals for many different jobs. The salesclerks can satisfy your curiosity about any item that you don't recognize and will explain the details in English.

Shopping complex:PARCO / Shibuya 109

Shopping complex: PARCO / Shibuya 109

Shibuya 109, popularly known by the nickname "Maru-kyu," attracts many young girls to the 120 shops popular among teenagers. Check the latest fashions worn by the charismatic salesclerks. PARCO has continually created its own culture and always offers the latest in original fashions.

Shibuya HikarieShibuya Hikarie

The high-rise complex opened in spring 2012 at Shibuya Station East Exit. Extending 34 floors above ground and four floors below and consisting of a musical hall and culture, shopping, and dining facilities, Shibuya Hikarie is drawing attention as a new landmark of the Shibuya area.


(map:a) T.G.I.Fridays


You can experience the atmosphere of the U.S. in the center of Shibuya. The restaurant offers a healthy menu of mainly American dishes popular among women such as pasta and salad. On weekends, you will find customers from all over the world, truly the atmosphere of the U.S. Enjoy lunch in the daytime or dinner at the dining bar in the evening.

(map:b) L'occitane Cafe Shibuya

L'occitane Cafe Shibuya

L'occitane, a natural cosmetics brand from Provence in southern France, opened its first café in the world in Shibuya. Located just in front of the station, the café is convenient, spacious, and the atmosphere is relaxing. They serve "safe" dishes and sweets made with organic ingredients and ingredients whose origins are known.

(map:c) Shibuya new Japanese Café dining amber

Shibuya new Japanese café dining amber

This restaurant offers a new type of dining in which you can enjoy authentic Japanese food in collaboration with a well-known Japanese restaurant in Ginza. The atmosphere is modern but cozy with sofa seats. With more than 60 kinds of foods and more than 70 kinds of drinks, it will take repeated visits to try them all.

(map:d) Gyoro-gyoro, Shibuya Miyamasu-zaka branch( External link )

Gyoro-gyoro, Shibuya Miyamasu-zaka branch

This is a Japanese-style dining pub strictly adhering to the concept of "delicious fish and delicious drinks." It's the place to savor sashimi (raw fish) and a variety of other fresh seafood dishes. Many dishes use ingredients in season. It has a high, open ceiling, a luxurious lounge and private dining rooms with horigotatsu where the table is over a recessed area to dangle your feet with a heater in the pit, especially nice in winter. Relax and enjoy the many fresh fish dishes.

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