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This area is home to one of the most popular tourist spots in Tokyo, Tokyo Skytree Town, which has the world’s tallest free-standing broadcast tower. The area around the tower is complete with shopping and entertainment facilities. In contrast to the cutting-edge tourist attractions, atmospheric Sumida and Oshiage are crowded with people enjoying the sights of shitamachi areas, the traditional commercial and working class neighborhood of Tokyo. Just across the Sumida-gawa river is the district of Asakusa, where you will find the Kaminari-mon gate with its huge red lantern, and the Senso-ji temple, both landmarks from the old days. Have a pleasurable experience shopping at the shopping streets including Nakamise, visiting sightseeing spots on a rickshaw, or enjoying the cherry blossoms during spring and fireworks in the summer.

Tokyo Skytree, one of the most popular tourist attractions.

The Sumida River Fireworks Festival, a famous Japanese fireworks display.

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