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Purchase gadgets from an array of electronic stores along the street in front of the station.

Akihabara, commonly known as Akiba, is well-known as a world-leading electronic district, and is centered around Chuo-dori street and Kanda Myojin-dori street. There are various establishments around the district, from large-scale stores with the latest electronic gadgets such as computers and smartphones, to electrical component shops. Akihabara is also known as a mecca for otakus with its collection of Japanese anime and comics, shops selling idol goods and maid cafés. Visiting anime or idol fans from around the world are fascinated by Akihabara’s charm. There are also new spots at the JR Akihabara Station underpass, which has undergone reconstruction. Kanda Myojin Shrine, which has a history of nearly 1,300 years, is just a short walk from the electronic district.

Lots of shops offering different kinds of goods such as figurines.

Maid cafés, a distinctive feature of Akihabara.

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