Setsubun Festival Bean-Tossing Ceremony 節分祭豆まき式

The Kanda Myojin shrine has been located in Edo, now Tokyo, for nearly 1,300 years. The Setsubun festival begins with a parade featuring red and blue oni (demons), the gods Daikoku and Ebisu, men born in the current Chinese zodiacal year, and many more. Kanda Myojin is famed as the guardian shrine for the “Devils’ Gate” (the northeast, in traditional geomancy) of Edo Castle, and before the bean-tossing ceremony, there is a ritual, the Meigen-no-Gi, of loosing arrows towards the “Devils’ Gate” and the “Rear Devils’ Gate” (the southwest gate) by Shinto priests dressed in the garb of ancient warriors. The bean-tossing ceremony is performed by celebrities and television personalities, who toss beans to the crowd from the second floor of the Ho-o-Den Phoenix Hall.

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