TOKYO DOME CITY WINTER LIGHTS GARDEN “Sparkling Sweets: Glittering Delicious Gifts” TOKYO DOME CITY WINTER LIGHTS GARDEN『ときめくスイーツ ―光輝くあま~い贈り物―』

Tokyo Dome City will be decorated with pop-style and cute glittering works of art themed on sweets that everybody loves. Like the previous year, Creative Director Kimi Hasegawa will once again oversee the entire project from planning to design, and create a space that will be fun to see and appear enticingly delicious. The illumination will feature a “glittering house of confections” about 6 meters in height that will be decorated with biscuits and so on, as well as a “sparking candy garden,” where colorful candies will float on a water surface, and live trees about 7 meters in height turned into “confectionary trees.” Furthermore, visitors will be able to have fun taking photos in spots that make it appear as if they are inside a glittering scoop of ice cream, etc.

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