Bokutei Sakura-matsuri Festival 墨堤さくらまつり

The Sumidagawa River became the most celebrated destination for admiring cherry blossoms in Edo, or premodern Tokyo, when the eighth shogun Tokugawa Yoshimune planted trees on both riverbanks. The tunnel of blossoms along the 1-kilometer-long section between Azuma-bashi and Sakura-bashi bridges attracts the largest crowds both then and now. At night, the area offers a view of illuminated cherry blossoms against lighting from TOKYO SKYTREE(R). Stalls run by the local town council, geisha teahouses by the Mukojima Bokutei Cooperative, and booths by the products and stores association and tourism office complement the festival. Also popular are yakatabune houseboats that offer a view of the cherry blossoms from the river.


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