Meiji Shrine Spring Grand Festival 明治維新百五十年奉祝 明治神宮春の大祭

How to Get There



Surrounded by deep forests and rich nature, Meiji Shrine is known as an oasis in the central Tokyo Metropolitan area. The shrine dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken holds its annual spring grand festival (from Apr. 29 to May 3), and a variety of presentations of traditional performing arts will be offered to the shrine by their leading masters. The scheduled performances are bugaku (Apr. 29, from 11:00), Noh and Kyogen (May 2, from 11:30), sankyoku (May 2, from 15:30), hogaku and hobu (May 3, from 11:45), Satsuma biwa (May 3, from 14:30), and others. Also with spring-to-early summer blooms including azaleas, yamabuki (Kerria japonica), and oleaceae (nanja-monja or hitotsubatago), visitors to the festival may enjoy a stroll in the nature of the shrine’s artificial forest.


Meiji Shrine Spring Grand Festival