Tokyo Skytree Town 東京スカイツリータウン®

How to Get There

10 min. from Komagata and Mukojima Interchanges on Metropolitan Expressway Route 6 Mukojima Line./ 10 min. from Kinshicho Interchange on Metropolitan Expressway Route 7 Komatsugawa Line. *Please use public transport such as trains or buses to visit Tokyo SKYTREE TOWN.

Modern shopping and entertainment complex in the heart of an old-school downtown area

With towering Tokyo Skytree(R) at its center, Tokyo Skytree Town lacks no shortage of visitors. But it’s additional attractions—a world-class aquarium, shopping village embracing the lively feel of downtown Tokyo and a planetarium installed with state-of-the-art Japanese technology—that make the entire complex worthy of a visit.

Don't Miss

  • Surveying Tokyo and its surrounds from lofty Tokyo Skytree
  • Starry days and date nights at Konica Minolta Planetarium Tenku
  • Watery wildlife at the Sumida Aquarium

Opened in 2012 across the Sumidagawa River from Asakusa, the Tokyo Skytree Town shopping and entertainment complex is a convenient way to round out a visit to the old shitamachi downtown area of Asakusa. The complex’s main draw is soaring Tokyo Skytree, a 634-meter high television broadcasting tower and observation deck with unbeaten views of Tokyo and neighboring districts.

The 300-odd shops and restaurants at the foot of the tower collectively known as Tokyo Solamachi strive to embrace new trends but at the same time, capture the feel of this area of Tokyo from days of yore.

Other tenants include Konica Minolta Planetarium “Tenku”. Employing the latest in projection camera technology, the planetarium runs regular events, many of which are marketed as fun date events for adults.

Nearby Sumida Aquarium, housing around 5,000 sea creatures, has more of a family feel and allows an intimate look at marine life while in the heart of Tokyo. Visit the aquarium to watch penguins and seals cavorting in the indoor open-pool tank and see tanks representing the habitats of Tokyo Bay and the Izu and Ogasawara islands. You can also observe the daily operations of the keepers as they tend to the needs of the aquatic life.

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