Nurie Museum ぬりえ美術館

How to Get There

3 minutes from Daimon Shogakkomae bus stop on Toei bus

Explore the history of Japanese illustration at the Nurie Museum

The Nurie Museum is dedicated nurie (coloring) books and the master of the art form, Kiichi Tsutaya. The museum is full of vintage images that had a huge impact on later anime and manga illustration.

The museum has about 200 coloring books on display, mostly from the 1940s to 1960s and from both inside and outside of Japan. These drawings have a distinctly retro feel and you can see in them many of the design elements that are popular today in the "kawaii" style seen in today's anime and manga.

In addition to display, you can try your hand at nurie drawing as well as enjoy the gift shop.