TeNQ 宇宙ミュージアムTeNQ(テンキュー)

How to Get There

Exit at Iidabashi ramp on Metropolitan Expressway route no.5 from Ikebukuro, Takashima Daira area Exit at Nishi Kanda ramp on Metropolitan Expressway route no.5 from Ginza, Shinjuku area Take a track bound for Akihabara on Sotobori Dori avenue

Discovery, fun, and groundbreaking technology in the heart of Tokyo Dome City

One of the many Tokyo Dome City attractions is Space Museum TeNQ (ten-cue), a futuristic entertainment-focused museum filled with audio-visual shows and experiences designed to give you a deeper understanding of the mysteries of space.

There are nine areas to explore in total, but the highlight is the Theatre Sora, which uses real life footage to project a super realistic recreation of what earth looks like from space. Once you've marveled at the earth from up high, head to the Science Room to learn about current scientific discoveries as they're happening. Before you leave, put aside a little time to get hands-on in the Imagination Room; filled with puzzles and brainteasers it's an educational playroom for guests of all ages.

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