Koiwa Iris Garden 小岩菖蒲園

How to Get There

10 minutes from Edogawa Eki Dori bus stop on Keisei town bus Shin-Ko52 route from Koiwa station north exit bound for Ichikawa station. 15 minutes from Ichirizuka bus stop on Keisei bus route Ko72 bound for Edogawa sportland or Ichinoe station or Mizue station from Koiwa station.

Stroll through an iris field on the banks of the Edo River

Buildings may dominate Tokyo, but if you know where to look there is a wealth of nature available within the city. Koiwa Shobuen is a garden running along the banks of the Edo River that is home to over 50,000 iris flowers donated by local residents. The garden bursts into a sea of pink and purple when the irises are in bloom from May to July. Make sure to bring your camera; this is not a sight you want to miss.

The area surrounding the garden has walking paths, soccer fields and softball diamonds busy with activity in the warmer months.