Fuchunomori Park 府中の森公園

How to Get There

From Musashi-koganei Station on the JR Chuo Line, take the Keio Bus for Fuchu Station (via Ipponmatsu) and get off at the Tenjin-nichome stop

Western suburbs park on former U.S. military site offers something for all

Boasting a sports zone with facilities for baseball, tennis and soccer; an open-air museum showcasing restored buildings from the Edo to Showa periods; a family-friendly water park; a planetarium and cultural zone that houses the Fuchu Theater and the Fuchu Art Museum, Fuchunomori Park has something for all.

Make sure to explore the park's gardens and forested areas too. Woodlands to the park's south reproduce the flora found centuries ago when the district was considered the old Musashino plain. Stroll through the Japanese garden nearby to see spring cherry blossoms at their finest, or elegant maple trees during fall. Yet summer is definitely when the gardens come into their own. Join local families and cool off under a fountain or in a wading pool in the park's water zone.

Fuchunomori Park