Drinking & Dining

Akihabara UDX Restaurants & Shops Akibaichi 秋葉原UDX レストラン&ショップ アキバ・イチ

How to Get There

Approximately 5 minutes from Honcho exit or 11 minutes from Nishikanda exit on Metropolitan Expressway

Akihabara UDX Restaurant and Shop Akiba Ichi offers shopping and food from around the world

Akihabara UDX Restaurant and Shop Akiba Ichi is a 15-story multi-purpose restaurant and shopping complex that is close to Akihabara Station. UDX stands for "Urban Development X." The complex is one of the iconic buildings of the popular Akihabara area.

It's full of restaurants offering food from all over the world, as well as souvenir shops, food shops, a gallery, guest rooms, a theater, event spaces and more. The building's East Deck and West Deck offer places to sit and take in the view.