Machida Squirrel Garden 町田リス園

How to Get There

From Bus Stop No. 21 at the Odakyu Machida Station North Exit (walk for 50 meters after the first railroad crossing), take the bus for Nozuta-shako via Hon-machida (No. 55) or for Tsurukawa Station (No. 53). After an approximately 20-minute ride, get off at the Yakushiike stop. You will find the Squirrel Garden ahead on your right.

Get up close with some of Tokyo’s cutest locals

Machida Squirrel Garden is an outdoor enclosure tucked away in the quiet residential neighborhood of Machida, about half an hour south of Shinjuku by train. Populated by around 200 very cute, very energetic squirrels, here you can get up close with the adorable bushy-tailed critters as you stroll through their quaint neighborhood dotted with small, colorful squirrel houses.

To draw the squirrels a little closer, buy a bag of seeds from the front desk, they’re not shy; so don’t be surprised if they try to eat straight out of your hands. The garden is home to a number of other adorable occupants including guinea pigs, tortoises, rabbits, chipmunks and prairie dogs. If you want to play with them, ask about their 'encounter times' at reception.

Machida Squirrel Garden