Tokyo Metropolitan Archaeological Center 東京都立埋蔵文化財調査センター

How to Get There

5 minutes from Tama-center station bus stop on Keio Bus or Kanachu bus

Explore reconstructed Jomon houses in the Tama hills area

Experience history first hand at the Tokyo Metropolitan Archeological Center, less than 10 minutes' walk from Keio-Tama Center Station. Handle genuine Jomon pottery excavated around Tama New Town and learn about the lives of the early people of Japan.

During the Jomon period (14,000 - 300 BCE), the people of the Japanese Archipelago were hunter-gatherers living in small roundhouses. Get a sense of the lives of the Jomon people who lived in the Tama hills through informative exhibitions at the Tokyo Metropolitan Archeological Center. When you're finished, explore faithful reconstructions of these thatched dwellings for yourself in the expansive Jomon Village just beside it.

Tokyo Metropolitan Archaeological Center