Amuse Museum アミューズミュージアム

See the world's largest collection of Japanese boro textiles

The Amuse Museum’s main attraction is its rotating collection of 1,500 pieces of "boro" clothing, apparel created between the 17th and 19th centuries and characterized by its patchwork appearance. These clothes grew out of necessity rather than fashion, and were created by sewing together scraps of indigo fabric. They were expertly sewn with sashiko stitching, a type of functional embroidery, with no two pieces alike. Today the clothing is appreciated as a unique art form.

The pieces exhibited are taken from the large collection of ethnologist Chuzaburo Tanaka, who provided film director Akira Kurosawa with props and costumes for his movie Yume (Dreams). These items are included in the museum's permanent collection. The museum also features a bar on its 6th floor and a rooftop that offers sweeping views of the surrounding Asakusa neighborhood, nearby Sensoji Temple and glimpses of Tokyo Skytree.