Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum 文化学園服飾博物館

Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum

A museum for fashion and history enthusiasts alike

This is one of a few Japanese museums dedicated solely to clothing. It is affiliated with Bunka Fashion College, Tokyo's foremost fashion school, and was founded in 1979 as an archive for student research. Since opening its doors to the public, it has held four exhibitions a year under the theme "Understanding the Culture of the World and Japan through Clothing.”

The displays of European garments, Japanese clothing in western styles, and kimono date back to when the museum was a woman's vocational school that educated students on the westernization of Japanese apparel. After WWII, the collection expanded to include traditional ethnic clothing from South East and East Asia. It now features garments from various other areas, including Africa and Latin America. The collection continues to grow, as do the museum's efforts to expand visitors’ understanding and awareness through lectures and gallery tours.