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Built by Tairano Kinmasa in the 5th year of the Tengyou Era, this gate was originally located in the Komagata neighborhood. During the Kamakura Era it was dismantled and relocated to its current location. It is believed that that is when Wind God and God of Thunder were enshrined within.

At first they were to guard the temple. These two guards were worshipped with the goal of guarding against destruction from storm, flood and fire. They were seen as a kind of benevolent deity. Then it is surmised that the worship was for peace and tranquility, and abundant crop.

The current gate replaced the gate which was destroyed by fire on December 12, 1865. In 1960, after 95 years, the gate was reconstructed thanks to contributions by the founder of Matsushita Electrical Industrial, Kounosuke Matsushita. It now stands proudly as the main gate at of Sensou Shrine. It is famous nation wide as the face of Asakusa.

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2-3-1 Asakusa


Postal code:111-0032

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Website:http://www.senso-ji.jp/( External link )


By train:
Tobu Isezaki Line: 5 minutes by foot from Asakusa Station
Tokyo Metro Ginza Line: 5 minutes by foot from Asakusa Station
Tsukuba Express: 5 minutes by foot from Asakusa Station
Toei Asakusa Line: 7 minutes by foot from the A4 Exit of Asakusa Station

By bus:
Toei Bus
Keisei Town Bus
Taito Ward Loop Bus Megurin


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