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The Asakusa school of Yabusame or the horseback archery had been practiced as a New Year event in the Edo period. Many of such traditional events are still alive in Taito ward and Yabusame takes place every year in Sumida Park. The gallant sight of the jockey who shoots arrows at the target galloping atop the horse is just like taken from the nishiki-e picture of that time. The jockey who hit three targets will be awarded at a graceful ceremony. Kusajishi is also held at the same time to reenact the old-time archery training to aim at deer-shaped targets made of grass.

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Sumida Park

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Website:Taito City / Asakusa Yabusame (JPN) (External link)




By train:
3-min. walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Asakusa Station
3-min. walk from Tobu Asakusa Station
3-min. walk from Toei Asakusa Line Asakusa Station

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