Sumida Aquarium すみだ水族館

Fabulous fish and playful penguins at the foot of Tokyo Skytree

Opened in 2012, this artsy aquarium houses over 10,000 sea creatures, including a group of feisty African black foot penguins. It is conveniently located on the 5th and 6th floors of Tokyo Solamachi, the shopping complex attached to the unmissable Tokyo Skytree.

Don't Miss

  • The chance to meet penguins and fur seals up close
  • Stopping by the hypnotic illuminated jellyfish tanks

While the Sumida Aquarium is not very large, it offers an impressive menagerie of sea life, with modern glass habitats which recreate the underwater worlds of Tokyo Bay, the Izu Islands and the Ogasawara Islands.

The main attraction is the indoor open-pool tank where you can watch penguins and fur seals go through their daily routines. Children love watching their playful antics and meeting unusual sea creatures like sand eels. The glowing jellyfish tanks are another highlight, as you will get to see a great variety of these cute critters and learn about how quickly they grow. If you are visiting in the evening you can grab a cocktail at the bar to sip as you wander around the tanks.