The Former Yasuda Garden 旧安田庭園

How to Get There

1 minute from Kyu Yasuda Garden bus stop on Toei bus or 1 minute from Kyu Yasuda Garden, Doai hospital bus stop on Sumida City Loop Bus

A quiet Japanese-style garden in the heart of the sumo district

Just a short walk away from the Tokyo Metropolitan Edo-Tokyo Museum and Kokugikan sumo stadium, this Edo-era strolling garden is a pleasant place to stop while exploring Ryogoku. The Japanese Sword Museum and Yokoamicho Park are also connected to this small oasis.

The pond at the center of the garden was once connected to the Sumida River, which is affected by tides due to proximity to the sea. This caused the water levels in the garden's pond to rise and fall with it. Although no longer fed by the river, pumps allow the water level to rise and fall, recreating the original effect.

The Former Yasuda Garden