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Shinjuku Eisa Matsuri Festival


The Eisa Matsuri Festival originates in Okinawa as a ritual of kyu bon (old bon), to honor the spirits of ancestors and pray for the well-being of families and the prosperity of businesses. Teodori hand dancers, sanshin three-stringed instrument players, jutei singers, clown-like characters... Various men and women performers form a procession and dance through town to the beat of taiko drums large and small.
This nationally renowned traditional event from Okinawa came to Shinjuku, Tokyo and grew into a symbol of summer. This year marks the 12th holding of the festival.
The sound of the barrel drums and the sight of the dynamic dance are certain to touch the heart and kindle a flame of excitement. Shinjuku Eisa Matsuri, held in the heart of Tokyo, is festival whose energy rubs off on the spectators.

Basic information



Around Shinjuku Station East and West Exits

Contact information

Name:Shinjuku Eisa Matsuri Operation Office

Telephone number:03-6416-3553

Website:Shinjuku Eisa Matsuri Operation Office( External link )


Late July 2015

Start/end time:12:00–20:00 * Held as scheduled in light rain


By train:JR Lines / Toei Oedo Line / Keio Line / Odakyu Line Shinjuku Station

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