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Past illumination display

Past illumination display

Shinjuku Terrace City is an area that considers all the shopping facilities around the Odakyu Line Shinjuku Station (from HALC outside the West Exit to the Shinjuku Southern Terrace) as a single town.
This year marks the 12th year of this illumination event, and the concept is "Making people smile. Connecting smiles. Smile Terrace Illumination." To achieve this, the theme color is the baby pink of cherry blossoms, something that's both familiar to Japanese visitors and easy for foreign tourists to picture. This warm and gentle light brings decorative color to all of the areas around Shinjuku Station. The constant pink color throughout the illumination gives a unified quality to the areas of the town, symbolizes connections, and expresses the appeal of this area in an easy to understand way.

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1 Nishi-Shinjuku


Postal code:160-0023

2 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku

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Name:Executive office, Shinjuku Terrace City

Telephone number:03-3346-3420

Website:Shinjuku Terrace City ILLUMINATION '17-'18 (JPN) (External link)


2017.11.15 - 2018.2.22

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* Hours vary by event.

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* Regular, temporary, and irregular closing days


By car:5-min. drive via Koshu-kaido Road from Shinjuku Interchange on Metropolitan Expressway Route 4 Shinjuku Line.

By train:Short walk from Shinjuku Sta. on Odakyu Line and others.

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