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Designated as one of Tokyo’s intangible folk cultural assets, the Setagaya Boro-ichi Fair has been a popular fair since was it started more than 440 years ago. "Boro" refers to old fabric scraps, which was the main item traded at the fair in the past. Today the fair still maintains its original lively atmosphere and features about 700 venders selling a variety of items from daily necessities and accessories to toys and plants. Many visitors enjoy snacking on daikan mochi, a type of freshly-made rice cake only sold at the fair, while strolling about. A number of venders also sell antiques and used clothing that references the origin of the fair.
The daikan gyoretsu parade of premodern Japanese magistrates is replicated once every five years, the next being Friday, December 15, and Monday, January 15.

Schedule : December 15 - December 16, 2017 January 15 - January 16, 2018

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Setagaya 1-chome


Boro-ichi dori Street and surrounding area


2017.12.15 - 2017.12.16

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