Sakaiura Beach 境浦海岸

24 hours on liner ship from Takeshiba Pier to Chichijima island. 6 minutes on foot from Futami Port to the parking lot plus 3 minutes on foot.

Coral, tropical fish, and underwater ruins just a few minutes from the heart of Chichijima Island

A six-minute bus ride from the center of town sits Sakaiura Beach. With its calm and coral populated waters, it’s one of Chichijima’s most popular beaches for snorkeling and swimming. If you’re feeling adventurous, grab some snorkeling gear and inspect the coral covered ruins of Hinkomaru, a Japanese transport ship that was hit by a US Navy torpedo during the Pacific War.

Out of the water, the park offers a number of public facilities including shaded picnic tables. Have a picnic while you gaze out onto the ocean and try to spot the remains of Hinkomaru poking out just above the water’s surface.