Shakujii Park 石神井公園

How to Get There

Take the bus for Shakujii-koen-eki and get off at the Shakujii-koen stop

A breath of fresh air and greenery just outside of central Tokyo

One of Tokyo's largest green spaces, Shakujii Park is a perfect escape to nature for busy Tokyoites. Centered around Sanpoji and Shakujii ponds, the vast grounds offer plenty of small paths and temples to explore. As much of the park is preserved as a wilderness area, you can expect to see lots of birds around the grounds, especially waterfowl. In spring the area around the pond is a popular spot for picnicking under the cherry trees.

The park also houses the ruins of Shakujii Castle, once home to the Toshima samurai clan. These days the park is a tranquil place to enjoy a leisurely stroll by the fancy houses along Sanpoji Pond, or rent a swan boat to cruise across Shakujii Pond.

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