• Rainbow Bridge


Rainbow Bridge レインボーブリッジ

The jewel of Tokyo Bay

As the sun begins setting, look across Tokyo Bay from nearby Shiodome or Odaiba to witness the massive Rainbow Bridge illuminated in a multi-colored gradient of light, creating a picturesque view of Tokyo Bay and the surrounding cityscape. This 800-meter-long suspension bridge connects Tokyo’s mainland to the island of Odaiba. The best views are to be had from the Odaiba side, which is also home to many family-friendly attractions and shopping. Adventurous travelers will enjoy walking along the length of the bridge.


  • The stunning evening views of the city from Odaiba
  • Walking the length of the bridge to Odaiba and back

Despite its ubiquitous status in Tokyo postcards and aerial shots of the city, Rainbow Bridge is a relatively new addition to the city, completed in 1993. The bridge’s official name is actually “Shuto Expressway No. 11 Daiba Route - Port of Tokyo Connector Bridge,” but for obvious reasons the public preferred the simpler title of “Rainbow Bridge.”

Those hoping to walk across the bridge can access it by foot from Shibaura-futo Station on the Yurikamome Line. The north side of the bridge looks over the city, while the south side looks out towards Tokyo Bay, and even boasts views of Mt. Fuji during particularly clear weather.

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