Suntory Museum of Art サントリー美術館

Learn about Japanese history and culture through a fascinating collection of artifacts

The Suntory Museum of Art is a sleek and modern space located on the third and fourth floors of Roppongi's Tokyo Midtown building. This extensive collection of Japanese artifacts includes the private collection of the Suntory family, famous for their whiskey distillery. This museum aims to follow the theme "art in life" by exhibiting the antique arts and crafts of Japan.

The museum's total collection contains 3,000 pieces related to Japanese life and is made up of an impressive array of ceramics, lacquerware, and glassware as well as paintings, ancient scrolls, screens, and fabric. The entire permanent collection is not on display. Rather, themed exhibitions featuring pieces from it are open for two to three months at a time. The museum also serves as a public gathering space, and contains a stylish café, event hall, and tearoom.

Suntory Museum of Art