Rinshinomori Park 林試の森公園

How to Get There

From Shibuya Station on the JR Yamanote Line, take the Tokyu Bus for Gotanda (via Ebisu; No. 72) and get off at the Rinshi-no-mori-iriguchi stop (1 minute by foot)

A sprawling forested park in Shinagawa

This leafy park has been serving the people of Shinagawa City since the 1980s. Previously the site of the governmental Forestry Agency, the area covers over 120,000 square metres and is home to diverse forest, flowing streams and small playgrounds, making it popular with everyone from joggers to young families. From Shinagawa Station, one of Tokyo’s bullet train terminals, Rinshinnomori Park is accessible in under 20 minutes by taxi. Not far away are Sengaku-ji Temple, associated with the fabled 47 Ronin, Maxell Aqua Park and the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art.

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