Musashikokubunji Park


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Land for this park was secured by acquiring the site of the Chuo Railroad Academy, a school run by the former Japanese National Railways, and by exchanging land with the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications for the site of former staff residences. The park and its surrounding area have been designated a site containing buried cultural property. Excavated artifacts such as pottery and arrowheads show that the area was well suited environmentally for habitation from the preceramic period.

A round grass lawn 160 meters in diameter that functions as an evacuation center in case of disaster is located in the spring section of the park. Facilities have also been created to help recharge the spring through the underground seepage of rainwater, such as through permeable pavement park paths and planting centered on existing trees. The Nishimoto section is a protected zone to preserve the Kokubunji cliff line and protect the watershed. It forms a forested field that makes effective use of trees. This field, the Wild Birds Forest, also contains walking paths. The adjacent Kokubunji green zone contains the Otaka-no-michi Path and Masugata-no-ike Pond, and the surrounding area is a grouping of springs known as a “hake” that has been selected as one of Japan’s 100 most famous springs. A designated national historic site is also located beneath the cliff line.

In this way, every effort was made to protect and effectively use environment, as well as to create harmony with the harmoniously with the Kokubunji cliff line and woods remaining in the surrounding area. Consideration is given in this all-purpose park, which also features disaster prevention functions, to cultural and historical heritage.

Opened: April 1, 2002
Area: 108,839.26 m2
Main plants: Ginkgo, Japanese zelkova, cherry, metasequoia, tulip tree, Chinese photinia, orange osmanthus, wisteria, Chinese trumpet vine
Facilities: Grass field, circular field, komorebi field, interaction bridge, meeting bridge, pond (Musashi-no-ike, fan waterfall), mist fountain, railroad academy memorial

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2 Izumi-cho/1 Nishimoto-machi



By train:- 12 minutes by foot from Nishi-kokubunji Station on the JR Chuo Line/Musashino Line
- 15 minutes by foot from Kokubunji Station on the JR Chuo Line/Seibu Tamako Line or Kokubunji Line




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