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This park situated along the Tama River water supply is an enormous 79 hectares 4.9 times the area of Hibiya Park and 1.5 times that of Ueno Park. Koganei Park contains a wide range of features, including a broad expanse of grass surrounded by groves of trees, a cherry tree garden, children's field, Japanese archery range, SL (CL57) steam locomotive display, and 16 tennis courts.

The predecessor of the park was the Large Koganei Green Area, which was planned in 1940 to celebrate the 2,600th anniversary of the founding of Japan. After the war, it was used as a temporary residence for the crown prince. About 40 percent of the land was lost when it was opened up for agricultural development, but the remaining land was officially opened as a metropolitan park in 1954. Afterwards, it has continued being expanded up until the present era.

Opened: January 14, 1954
Area:793,544.33 m2 (some areas are state-owned property provided under gratuitous loan)
Trees: Tall trees: 15,200, shrubs: 38,300 m2, grass: 135,000 m2
Main plants: Japanese apricot, storax, nettle tree, sawtooth oak, konara oak, kobushi magnolia, cherry (someiyoshino, sato-zakura, yama-zakura), crape myrtle, Chinese evergreen oak, dogwood, tulip tree
Events: Kite flying competition (January), Plum Festival (February), Cherry Blossom Festival (April), Children’s Festival (May), outdoor Noh performance (August), moon viewing (autumn), Cosmos Festival (October)
Facilities: Japanese archery range (90 meter distant target; closed for repairs in 2011), cycling course, tennis courts and baseball field (Sports Facilities Administration Center, telephone: 03-042-384-6662), barbeque area, dog run, Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum (telephone: 042-388-3300), Koganei City Municipal Sports Complex (telephone: 042-386-2120)

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3 Sakura-cho/1, 2 Sekino-cho/3 Minami-cho, Hana-Koganei, Kodaira-shi/Mukodai Town 6-chome, Nishi Tokyo-shi/3 Sakura-Zutsumi



By bus:- From Musashi-koganei Station on the JR Chuo Line, take the Seibu Bus and get off at the Koganei-koen-nishiguchi stop
-Take the Kanto Bus and get off at the Edo-tokyo-tatamono-en-mae, the Koganei-koen-mae, or the Sports Center-mae stop




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