Janoyu Onsen Takara-so 蛇の湯温泉たから荘

Bath in the rejuvenating waters of this secluded hot spring with an enchanted past

Hidden deep within the mountains of Hinohara-mura you will find the charming Janoyu Onsen Takara-so. It is said that long ago, a wounded serpent crawled into this onsen and was subsequently healed of its ailments. Consequently, the name Janoyu—which means serpent's hot spring—was chosen as the name of the onsen.

Enjoy a relaxing dip amongst the tranquility of the onsen's natural setting and let the daily stresses of life float away. This onsen is said to have particular healing powers and is the perfect remedy for the fatigued traveler. After soaking your stress away, you can enjoy a delicious dinner of locally sourced plants and fresh seafood.