Takaosan Yakuo Temple 高尾山薬王院

How to Get There

Hachioji Interchange, Akiruno Interchange, Route 20 (Koshu Kaido) -> Takao-san entrance -> Walk. Cable car Kiyotaki Station -> Yakuo-in

Delve into mystic Japan at this colorful esoteric Buddhist temple on a sacred mountain

Takaosan Yakuo Temple is near the summit of revered Mt. Takao. Founded in the 8th century, over the years it became associated with both Buddhism and Shugendo, a type of mountain asceticism. Just exploring and soaking up the temple's atmosphere will give you a taste of Japan's mystical side. Keep your ears open for chanting when you visit, as performance of the ancient Goma fire rite is common. If your timing is right, try joining in the temple's waterfall purification rituals. Its spectacular fire walking ceremony in March attracts the faithful and travelers alike. You can also try shojin-ryori, or traditional Buddhist vegetarian cuisine with advance reservation.

Takaosan Yakuo Temple