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Izu Oshima is a paradise of tourist spots. This special section introduces some of the island’s must-go destinations.

Izu Oshima tourist spots

The greatest highlight of Izu Oshima is its variety of tourist attractions, starting with Mt. Mihara.

Mt. Mihara

Mt. Mihara, standing 758 meters high, occupies the center of the island. Of the several active volcanoes in Japan, this is known particularly for the eruption of basaltic magma. Its lava fountains have been deified since antiquity as gojinka-sama. The caldera at the summit of the cone commands a view 300 meters in diameter and more than 200 meters deep into the volcanic crater.

Stratigraphic cross-section

A 30-meter-high, 800-meter-long cross-section of strata, formed throughout the history of Mt. Mihara’s eruptions, is visible from the main road encircling the island, running between the Port of Motomachi and Habu. The layer upon layer of scoria and ash from major eruptions every 100 to 150 years has formed a magnificent striped pattern.

Izu Oshima cuisine

Another joy of traveling to Izu Oshima is the unique local cuisine born of the island’s vast natural riches.


Bekko is known as a dish unique to Izu Oshima. Slices of fresh fish are marinated in chili pepper soy sauce, turning them a lustrous amber color that inspired the name bekko or the color of tortoiseshell. Early resident invented the recipe to preserve their catches of fish in the remote island. The spiny lobster, which is currently in season, is also highly recommended!

Milk rice crackers

This is a simple baked sweet that makes plentiful use milk produced in Oshima. It is sold at souvenir stores and farmer’s market-type shops across the island, so please be sure to try it.

Camellia fondue

With “camellia fondue,” diners deep-fry their own seafood, ashitaba herbs—a specialty product of Izu Oshima—and so on using camellia oil. The light crispy texture of the foods entices one to eat more.

Izu Oshima hot springs

Onsen hot springs are abundant on the volcanic island of Izu Oshima. Spend a moment of relaxation away from the bustle of the city soaking in a hot spring bath with a sweeping view of Mt. Mihara or the sun setting into the ocean.

Gojinka Onsen

Gojinka Onsen is a day-trip spa equipped with a Jacuzzi, water cascade, sauna, and more, located in separate bathing areas for men and women. All this plus a 25-meter-long hot spring pool, café, and lounge provide the perfect setting to relax the body after a journey. Swimsuits, swim caps, and bath towels are available for rent and for sale.


Hamanoyu, four minutes by foot from the Port of Motomachi, is an inn with an open-air hot spring bath overlooking the Izu Peninsula. Whether bathing after a swim in the ocean or soaking under the twinkling stars at dusk, the experience is luxurious and unique to the island. Families or groups of friends can comfortably enjoy the leisurely passing of time together, since everyone wears a swimsuit.
* The mixed bath requires all guests to wear a swimsuit (available for free rent).

Recommended spring/summer destinations

Mihara Canyon

This is a rock canyon located at the end of the Mt. Mihara Omote-sabaku Route. The rocks have turned red as the result of iron oxidation, so the canyon is often referred to as “Akadare,” incorporating the Japanese word for red. The red, precipitous rocks contrast beautifully with the green vegetation. This is a great place to enjoy dynamic views that can only be found on a volcanic island.

Hydrangea Rainbow Line

This is a path that runs approximately four kilometers from Oshima Island Park to close to Oshima Hot Spa Hotel, and is lined with hydrangea. The approximately 30,000 hydrangea flowers of various colors along the path can be enjoyed until around late June.

Izu Oshima Isrand Tourism Event Clender April 2017 - March 2018



Sat., April 1–Sat., March 31 on Saturdays,

Sundays, and holidays

Izu Oshima Geopark Exhibition
Sat., June 10 Izu Oshima Triathlon Championship
Sat.–Sun., August 5–6 Tokyo's Cup Yachting Festival
Fri. (holiday), August 11 Miss Oshima and Miss Anko Announcement Event
Sun.–Mon., August 20–21 Izu Oshima Friendship Youth Baseball Championship
Sun., October 15 Tokyo Residents' Oshima Surf Fishing Championship
Sat., October 28 Izu Oshima Geopark Rogaining Championship
Late November (planned) Izu Oshima C-grade Gourmet (mid-range cuisines)
Sat., December 9 Izu Oshima Marathon
From early October Haya Tsubaki Festa
During Haya Tsubaki Festa Oshima Pottery Exhibition
Sun., January 28–Sun., March 25 63rd Izu Oshima Tsubaki Matsuri (Camellia Festival)
Sun., January 28

Opening Ceremony / Edo Mikoshi (Portable Shrines)

and Anko Dancers Parade

Sat., February 3

Miss Camellia Queen Pageant / Miss Oshima

and Miss Camellia Photo Session

Sun., February 11 Camellia Marathon
Sun., February 25–Mon., March 5 Camellia Festival Thanksgiving Surf Fishing Event
Sun., January 28–Sun., March 25 Tsubaki Plaza
Sun., January 28–Sun., April 1 Stamp Rally

Fri., February 2–Sun., March 18 on Fridays,

Saturdays, and Sundays

Night Festival
Sat., March 25 (planned) Izu Oshima Ultra Run

During Camellia Festival

Deadline Sat., March 31

Camellia Festival Photography Contest

During Camellia Festival on Saturdays,

Sundays, and holidays

Camellia Petal Dyeing Workshop