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Architecture in Tokyo

Conceptual train stations - Busy train stops turned into works of art

The Toei Oedo Line, which opened in 2000, recognized the significance of train station design and assigned each of its stops to a different architect. One brilliant outcome came from Makoto Sei Watanabe, whose Iidabashi Station features a mesh frame object that injects some fun into the long staircase leading from the concourse to the platform. Shibuya Station, where mutually extended services commenced between the Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin and Tokyu Toyoko lines in 2013, was designed by Tadao Ando under the concept of an underground spaceship. Tokyo offers all this and more, so hop on a train and explore the different station designs!

Toei Oedo Line Iidabashi Station

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Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin/Tokyu Toyoko Lines Shibuya Station

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