Restaurants serving traditional Tokyo flavors

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Restaurants serving traditional Tokyo flavors

Japanese gastronomy changed immensely some 140 years ago, with the advent of modernization in the Meiji period. So before the import of Western culture, what did the people of Edo eat? Let’s visit some restaurants that serve traditional cuisine and find out. 

A popular dish from Edo to Tokyo

Komagata Dozeu

Dojo loaches have made popular economical meals since the Edo period. Komagata Dozeu spells its namesake ingredient with three Japanese characters, which is considered lucky. (Dojo has four, although it’s pronounced the same).
A must-order is the restaurant’s specialty dozeu-nabe pot. Carefully selected loaches are fed sake until they are “drunk,” boiled in a sweet miso soup, and further simmered in a sauce until the bones become soft. The dish tastes best with plenty of chopped leeks, and ground shichimi chili and sansho pepper to bring out the flavor of the loaches.
Unusually for an established restaurant of more than 200 years, Komagata Dozeu has no special rules for the customers. It welcomed commoners in the Edo period, and it welcomes tourists today.

Komagata Dozeu Asakusa Main Branch


1-7-12 Komagata, Taito-ku, Tokyo


2-min. walk from Toei Asakusa Line Asakusa Station Exit A-1; 5-min. walk from Tokyo Metro Asakusa Station



A restaurant frequented by celebrities


A short two-minute walk from Tokyo Station is Shimamura, which serves a course of recipes from the final years of the Edo period. Founded in 1850, the counter-style restaurant held the top spot in the “Oedo Ryoriya Banzuke” restaurant guide for Edo commoners.
The special Bakumatsu Kaiseki course comprises eight dishes including simmered sea bream head and the specialty kimpura (tempura). Twenty sets are served on Saturdays only. Why not visit this ryotei restaurant frequented by prominent statesmen of the period like Ito Hirobumi and Inoue Kaoru, and indulge in a bit of Japanese history? 


1-8-6 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


2-min. walk from JR Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit



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