Take in the dynamic nature. A day of activity

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Discover Your Island Style! Niijima & Shikinejima Islands

Take in the dynamic nature. A day of activity

* The information given is as of March 2017.

Hiking, trekking, and camping

There’s nothing like outdoor activity for taking in the nature of the islands. Niijima and Shikinejima are home to countless observatories, many of which stand at the end of a picturesque hiking course. Admire the unique view of landforms featuring enormous panels of precipice, and the ocean stretching from east to west, as you follow footpaths both weaving through the forest and overlooking the vast sea. Niijima also provides a free campsite where visitors can cook a barbecue.

Niijima: Ishiyama trekking course is covered white with Niijima specialty Koga stones

Shikinejima: Forest and volcano road, ending at Tojinzushiro, features Oshima rhododendrons in April and May

Niijima: Habushiura campsite accommodates 200 tents

Shikinejima: Kambiki Observatory is selected one of Tokyo’s 100 best sites with a view

Niijima Ishiyama trekking course
Time required 1 hr 30 min. (890 m one way)
Highlights Koga stone path, Moyai statues, Ishiyama Observatory
Niijima Aomineyama hiking course
Time required 1 hr (2 km round trip)
Highlights Forest footpath, Aomineyama Observatory
Niijima Fujimitoge course
Time required 2 hrs (5 km round trip)
Highlights Fujimitoge Observatory, Mt. Fuji on clear days, evening view
Niijima Mukaiyama hiking course
Time required 3 hrs (10 km lap)
Highlights Ishiyama with reserves of specialty Koga stones, Omine Observatory with a profile of the Honson area
Niijima Habushiura campsite
Introduction Toilet, shower, and cookhouse available; free of charge
URL https://www.niijima.com/kankou/niijima/spot/2014-0214-1324-90.html(External link)(Japanese)
Shikinejima Forest and volcano road
Time required 2 hrs (3 km one way)
Highlights Mikawa Bay No. 1 Observatory, Tojinzushiro
Shikinejima Observatory trekking
Time required 5 hrs (5 km one way)
Highlights Oura Beach swimming area, Kambiki Observatory, Tojinzushiro, Hamanzushiro
Shikinejima Yuhigaoka
Time required 15 min. (500 m one way)
Highlights Yuhigaoka (spot by Oura Beach with an evening view)


The Kuroshio Current flowing around Niijima and Shikinejima is exceptionally clear. The waters are home to various marine animals including large migrating fish like the greater amberjack and yellowtail. On a lucky day, visitors might even encounter sea turtles. Diving novices are recommended to try snuba, which requires no tank, or beach diving, where you enter from the shore. Night diving offers the chance of meeting sea tinkles. The best season runs from April to November.

Lucky visitors might encounter sea turtles

Beach diving is relatively easy and recommended

Snuba requires no tank; air is supplied from a long hose connected to the boat

Niijima Niijima Diving Center
Introduction Entry-level diving school open during Golden Week holidays, July, and August
URL http://niijima-info.jp/member/member_diving/148/(External link)(Japanese)
Shikinejima Shikinejima Diving Service
Introduction Extensive knowledge of diving points in Shikinejima; night diving available (license required)
URL http://shikinejima.jp/sdsdive/(External link)(Japanese)
Shikinejima Diving Service Hidabun
Introduction Services ranging from beginner-level to boat diving
URL http://shikinejima.tokyo/play/diving/diving_shop/745/(External link)(Japanese)
Shikinejima NINZ Shikinejima Marine Service
Introduction Snuba lessons, optional tours
URL https://www.ninz.jp/(External link)(Japanese)


With the powerful waves and a stunning view unique to the island, Niijima attracts surfers from in and outside Japan. Horikiri, Mamashita Beach, Awaiura, Habushiura—select from an infinite number of points by wind direction and weather. The island’s surf shops provide boards for rent and surfing lessons. The best season runs from March to October.

Select a surf point by wind direction and weather

Habushiura is recognizable by the structure known as the “main gate”

Popular spot dubbed the “secret”

Collect information at the island’s surf shops

Niijima Surf Station Habushi
Introduction Closest shop to Habushiura Beach, also operating a restaurant and inn
URL http://niijima-info.jp/member/member_surfin/74/(External link)(Japanese)
Niijima Elegance Ltd.
Introduction Boards, bicycles, swimming gear, original merchandise, souvenirs, and bicycle rental services
URL http://niijima-info.jp/member/member_surfin/84/(External link)(Japanese)
Niijima Kye Surf
Introduction Surf shop at the intersection of main street; an annex of ramen house Dosanko Niijima
URL http://niijima-info.jp/member/member_surfin/234/(External link)(Japanese)

Sea kayaking

The relatively gentle waves around Shikinejima are ideal for feeling the sea breeze on a kayak. The view of the island from offshore is positively impressive and promises an extraordinary experience. Kayaking is safe even for beginners, as you practice in the shoals before heading offshore. The best season runs from April to September.

Kayaking is easy—simply bring a swimsuit

First practice in the shoals

Shikinejima Shikinejima Sea Kayak School
Introduction A former postman and lover of Shikinejima, the founder is also an ecotourism guide
URL http://sima9640.jugem.jp/(External link)(Japanese)
Shikinejima Nagi Sea Kayak School
Introduction Opened in 2016
URL http://shikinejima.tokyo/play/kayak/kayak_shop/1887/(External link)(Japanese)
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