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Tokyo Izakaya

Tokyo is home to an infinite number of izakaya—those Japanese-style pubs that serve delectable drinks and dishes to match, welcome anyone and everyone of drinking age, and promise a fun time all the time. This issue presents a selection of the most charming and one-of-a-kind izakaya.

Themed around ninja and the Sengoku era. Conceptual izakaya

Step into the extraordinary world of ninja and the Sengoku era. At conceptual izakaya, be prepared for surprises and excitement.

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Get tipsy on Tokyo-made liquor. Sake-centric izakaya

Sake from the only brewery in the 23 wards, beer revived after 130 years, and island shochu—get a taste of Tokyo-made liquor.

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Savor the sense of liberty. Daytime izakaya

Indulge in broad daylight and savor the sense of liberty. Daytime drinking is an emerging trend among Tokyoites. Here are some of the busiest places.

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Liquor lovers’ heaven. Izakaya-hopping in Tateishi & Ebisu

In areas with a concentration of izakaya, why not pay quick visits to more than one place? Hop over to the nostalgic Tateishi and stylish Ebisu.

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Izakaya guide map ★Conceptual izakaya「Shinjuku」「Akasaka」 ★Sake-centric izakaya「Akabane」「Asakusa/Oshiage」「Irifune」 ★Daytime izakaya「Ikebukuro」「Ueno」「Asakusa/Oshiage」 ★Izakaya-hopping in Tateishi & Ebisu「Keisei Tateishi 」「Ebisu」

* The information given is as of December 2016.

  • Conceptual izakaya
  • Sake-centric izakaya
  • Daytime izakaya
  • Izakaya-hopping in Tateishi & Ebisu