A giant amusement park! Explore Haneda Airport Inside and Out

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A giant amusement park! Explore Haneda Airport Inside and Out

Haneda Airport is the gateway to Japan for air travelers. With people from all over the world coming and going, there’s a mood of elation at airports in general. But with an art museum and planetarium to see and popular destinations for shopping and dining, Haneda is so packed with fun that it’s a waste to merely fly in and out. The more you get to know Haneda, the more fascinating it is. This issue shines the spotlight on Haneda Airport as a recreational spot.

* The information given is as of June 2016.

Guide to fun destinations at Haneda Airport 01 enjoy click

Haneda Airport isn’t only for flying out and greeting passengers. It’s packed with spots to enjoy even if you aren’t flying, like observation decks, a planetarium, a museum displaying national treasure-worthy artworks, and a mailbox topped with an airplane.

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Cafés and restaurants with a view of the runway 02 gourmet click

Haneda Airport houses a variety of dining establishments, from casual cafés to restaurants with a private room. Select a cuisine of your choice and enjoy it along with the view of planes taking off and landing.

Dining and shopping for a taste of Japan 03 washoku click

Haneda Airport welcomes the many airline passengers from abroad with specialty restaurants and stores with the ambience of good old Japan. Tenants are popular establishments from across Japan centering on Tokyo.

Spots for experiencing aircraft with all five senses 04 spot click

Haneda Airport is home to destinations for enjoying aircraft even for visitors who don’t actually board one. Observe airplanes up close in a factory tour, get a taste of your dream first-class cabin in a hotel, and “experience” flights on the ground.

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