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Cruises of Nihombashi

Cruises of Nihombashi

Nihombashi Pier was completed in 2011, in the centennial of the current Nihombashi Bridge (the 20th structure), featuring ornamental caps replicating those on the original wooden bridge. Depart this pier for a fun cruise and history lesson in the Edo period.

Tokyo Mizube Cruising Line
(Kawasemi Nihombashi–Kanda River Cruise / Asakusa–Nihombashi Cruise)

Two courses for exploring Nihombashi

Two courses offer a charming view of the Nihombashi area from the water. The Nihombashi–Kanda River Cruise provides a glimpse of the contrast between traces of premodern Edo and present-day Tokyo, and the Asakusa–Nihombashi Cruise glides by famed bridges including Azuma-bashi (in Asakusa), Kuramae-bashi, and Kiyosu-bashi.

  • Compact waterbus Kawasemi
  • Tour of the Asakusa area
Contact information 03-5608-8869 (9:00–17:00; Japanese only)
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Tokyo Bay Cruising Nihombashi Cruise

A quick voyage on the rivers

The Nihombashi Cruise explores in 45 minutes the bridges spanning the Nihombashi-gawa and Sumida-gawa rivers, plus the Tsukudajima Island area. A guide narrates the history of the individual bridges. Experience a sense of exhilaration when the narrow Nihombashi-gawa River merges with the grand Sumida-gawa River.

  • View of Nihombashi Bridge from below
  • Liberating open-top boat
Contact information 03-5679-7311 (10:00–17:00; Japanese only)
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Riverboat Mizuha

Japanese modern houseboat cruise

The Japanese modern yakatabune houseboat departing Nihombashi Pier features a teahouse-style design, traditional craft detailing, and a liberating deck. A variety of courses are organized each season, like cherry blossom viewing tours in spring. Private charters are offered for groups of one to 12.

  • Cruise during cherry blossom season
  • Tour of famous bridges
  • Modern, stylish interior
  • Services popular with foreign tourists, too
Contact information 070-6476-9827
(10:00–18:00; Japanese and English)
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