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Japanese modern rooms for a taste of Tokyo-style Japan

This section introduces Japanese modern hotels decorated with washi paper and andon lanterns, and exuding Tokyo-style sophistication. Spend a moment of relaxation in spaces blending traditional culture with the cutting edge of quality.

* The information given is as of November 2015. Contents are subject to change without notice. For details, visit the operator’s website or contact the operator.

Hotel Niwa Tokyo Designs with a touch of Japanese modesty

As the name Niwa suggests, the hotel has a beautiful garden that offers the scenes of the four seasons. Guestrooms come in five types including the Twin Room with sliding paper doors that create a relaxing, comfortable, at-home feel, and the Premium Room furnished with a Jacuzzi bath for the atmosphere of a resort. The two popular restaurants, serving Japanese and Western cuisines, source fresh vegetables and seafood directly from the producers.

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Magical garden illuminations

  • Refined lobby
  • Comfort
  • Premium


1-1-16 Misaki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Telephone number

03-3293-0028 (Japanese and English only)


http://www.hotelniwa.jp/( External link )

Hotel Ryumeikan Ochanomizu Honten The ambience of Edo kept alive today

Ryumeikan was founded in 1899 as an annex of Nakuraya Ryokan, an inn operating in the Nihombashi Muromachi area since the premodern Edo period. Today it is reborn as a hotel fusing Japanese with Western influences, utility with beauty. Every detail is imbued with the Japanese modern sensibility, from the decorations on the shoji and fusuma sliding doors, to the play of light and shadow in the corridors hinting at the wabi-sabi aesthetic. Don’t miss the restaurant themed around tea.

Four rooms with a chabudai short-legged table and tatami mats

  • Five types of room with carpeting in traditional ultramarine blue
  • Elegant hotel exterior
  • Restaurant
    1899 Ochanomizu


3-4 Kanda-surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Telephone number

03-3251-1135 (Japanese and English only)


http://www.ryumeikan-honten.jp/( External link )


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