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Collaboration rooms that immerse you in the world of characters and anime

Characters loved the world over, anime, films, and even railway dioramas… This section highlights hotels that promise to satisfy every fan’s craving. Check out the range of amenities unique to the establishments, too.

* The information given is as of November 2015. Contents are subject to change without notice. For details, visit the operator’s website or contact the operator.

Keio Plaza Hotel Hello Kitty rooms with everything kawaii

Keio Plaza Hotel, convenient for sightseeing, and Keio Plaza Hotel Tama, near Sanrio Puroland, offer original guestrooms featuring Hello Kitty. Two types of room—Princess Kitty with vibrant decorations, and Kitty Town with pops of color—both feature the lovable character everywhere, from interior to amenities (Keio Plaza Hotel Tama only features Kitty Town type). Guests are welcome to take home amenities like the letter set and doll designed specially for the hotel. Plans are available only in Shinjuku that include a special breakfast menu for Hello Kitty rooms.

©‘76,’15 SANRIO APPROVAL No.SP561464


  • Guestroom amenities
  • Special breakfast menu for Hello Kitty rooms only (Shinjuku)


Keio Plaza Hotel (Shinjuku)
2-2-1 Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Keio Plaza Hotel Tama
1-43 Ochiai, Tama-shi, Tokyo

Telephone number

03-5322-8000 (Direct line for reservations)(Shinjuku)(Japanese and English only)
042-374-0111 (Tama)(Japanese and English only)

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Imperial Hotel Tokyo Snoopy rooms for cuddling with Grand Chef Snoopy

Enter the room, and you’re greeted by Grand Chef Snoopy sporting a pristine white uniform. Even the cushions and rug come in a Snoopy design. Western-style breakfast including Snoopy pastries is packed in a bento box and served in the room. The plan comes with the gift of an Imperial Hotel original Grand Chef Snoopy lunch bag.

©2015 Peanuts Worldwide LLC

Grand Chef SNOOPY ™

  • Imperial Hotel original eggs Benedict
  • Peanuts characters sporting Imperial Hotel uniforms
  • Cushions and rug in a Snoopy design


1-1-1 Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


Until Thu., March 31, 2016

* Some dates are excluded.

Telephone number

03-3504-1251 (Japanese and English only)

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Hotel Gracery Shinjuku Godzilla looming outside the window!

The hotel on the top floors of the Shinjuku Toho Building offers a realistic experience of the world of Godzilla. Godzilla View Rooms feature a window looking out on the life-size “Godzilla head” installed in the eighth-floor terrace, and Godzilla Rooms use special effects to reveal Godzilla photographs and artwork.



  • Godzilla View Room amenities
  • Godzilla Room amenities


1-19-1 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Telephone number

03-6833-1111 (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, and Thai)

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Akihabara Washington Hotel Railway room with a detailed railway diorama

The railway diorama occupying some 4 square meters of the guestroom is so detailed that a train can run on the tracks. The window offers a view of the Tohoku, Akita, Yamagata, Hokuriku, and Joetsu shinkansen as well as the Ueno–Tokyo Line.

Railway Room

  • Huge detailed diorama
  • View from the window


1-8-3 Kanda-sakumacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


Until Mon., February 29, 2016

Telephone number

03-3255-3311 (Japanese and English only)

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