Cycling at the seaside park


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Cycling at the seaside park

The early morning, when traffic is slow, is the perfect time to rent a bicycle and explore the city. The Tokyo Bay area comes with the bonus of a refreshing salty breeze and splendid view. Concerned about getting lost? Join a tour. And always remember that safe cycling is the key to avoiding accidents.

Yumenoshima Ryokudo Green Path Park

The park of water and greenery is constructed on an island in the Wakasu–Tatsumi area near the popular Odaiba. The cycling course stretching a total 7 kilometers through the adjacent Tatsumi no Mori Green Park, Shinkiba Green Park, and Wakasu Seaside Park offers a magnificent view of Tokyo Bay and, beyond it, even the Tokyo Disney Resort and Boso Peninsula. The park comes complete with a walking path, lawn area, and rest spots ideal for breaks between cycling. On the coast are fishing grounds, too.

Address 1, 2, 3 Yumenoshima Koto-ku
Telephone number 03-5569-8672

Koto City Waterfront Bicycle Sharing Service

For cycling in the bay area, look no further than the bicycle sharing service offered by Koto City. Pick up a bicycle at any one of the 21 stations—at Shinonome Station by Yume no Shima Green Park, at Daiba and Toyosu stations convenient for hotels, and so on—and return it either to the same or a different station.

Address Koto-ku, Tokyo
Telephone number 0120-053-537(Koto City Waterfront Bicycle Sharing Service Office)

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Tokyo offers various bicycle rental services. An increasing number of shops offer a selection including mountain bikes and electric bicycles. Choose the model right for your physique, practice safe cycling, and enjoy sightseeing in Tokyo.

>>Other bicycle rental services in Tokyo: Minato City Cycle Sharing, Chiyoda City Community Cycle

Tokyo Miracle Cycling Tour

Cycling tours of Tokyo with guides who know the city in and out are a hit with foreign tourists. Select from seven options including a half-day tour and night tour. The Tokyo Early Bird Tour departs the cycling shop in Shimbashi at 7:00 each morning, and explores Ginza, Tsukiji, and the banks of the Sumidagawa River in an hour and a half. The charge includes bicycle rental, insurance, guide, and beverages. Reservations are accepted by phone or email.

Telephone number 03-6809-2293
Website ( External link )(Japanese)

Y&Y Cycling Tours Tokyo

Guided cycling tours are ideal for tourists who seek to experience Tokyo in depth. The tours are conducted in English and as a rule are designed for foreigners, but Japanese participants are welcome, too. Select from Tokyo Fringe Cycling and Odaiba Cycling, which explore the Tokyo Bay area, and Shitamachi Cycling, which visits Asakusa and TOKYO SKYTREE. The charge covers bicycle and helmet rental, so you can show up empty-handed. Check the calendar on the website, and send inquiries or reservation requests by email.

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